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Oh Yeah…I Also Did This

I can’t forget to mention that after baking and decorating 50 of these, I also felt it was necessary to give out party favors at the end of boyfriend’s 30th birthday.

Those party favors were orange chocolate covered pretzels.

I made about 100 of them in 20 minutes.

I’m insane.

But that’s what baking therapy is for, you know, to get the crazy out.



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The Big Reveal At The Big 3-0

This is a quick one. I took this recipe, turned them into mini cupcakes, and added some 30’s that I made by piping orange molding chocolate onto wax paper.

Happy Birthday boyfriend. 

These were a huge hit at his party. Like, to the point that I am THIS close to selling them online and one day starting an online bakery.

Who knows?

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The Big Leap

Well now that we are all caught up on the brief history of my baking addiction, we can get to the serious stuff. The cupcakes you see above are  a game changer. And I don’t mean just because they look pretty, which they do because I have the right tools to make pretty cupcakes (more on that here) but also because this was the first time I actually made up a flavor of cupcake. Whoa. Yeah. I know.

So what recipe did I make up?

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Gingerbread Melt Down

I admit it. That’s the first step, right? Admitting you have a problem? My baking addiction is one thing, but my addiction to all things gingerbread is on a whole different level.

I LOVE IT. The moment season hits and gingerbread is available for eating, drinking, burning in candles….I am there. I spend too much money on it but I don’t care. It makes me happy and at this time in my life that is the key: find things that make you happy and just do them.

Be happy with me. Click here for the recipe

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And Then The Eyeballs Turned Into Cupcakes

You’ve got to love when one baking project inspires another baking project almost immediately. After making my eyeball cake pops for 4 hours, it dawned on me that the left over balls, the ones that maybe didn’t look beautiful enough to put on a stick and give to friends, would make GREAT cupcake toppers.

So that’s what I did. 24 hours after making cake pops I baked a batch of vanilla cupcakes (as seen HEREin The Basics area) frosted them with buttercream (also used a little red buttercream to make the “blood”) and voila. I made some kick ass halloween themed cupcakes.

Good talk.

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Balling My Eyes Out

Oh man. I bet you thought this post was going to be all about me crying during baking therapy because of my dad. Chances are that did happen at some point, but it wasn’t while I was making these eyeball cake pops. Get it, balling my eyes out. I know, just wait until you see how pun-y and cheesy and awkward I can get. It’s pretty amazing if I do say so myself.

Anyway, I’ve always been inspired by Bakerella and her cake pops. To add to the million other appliances we have at the apartment (waffle maker, popcorn popper, ice cream maker, espresso maker, french press, juicer….) my mom bought me a cake ball maker.

Now listen, Bakerella makes it a look easy, but MAN did I fail about 100000 times before getting this right. It’s tough, but worth it when you bite into 100 of these babies. What, you don’t eat 100 cake pops by yourself? Oh. Well….I did.

Let’s ball our eyes out together. Let’s chat..

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And Then It Got Crazy

It wasn’t long after the orange cupcakes that I went into full fledged baking hysteria. I mean seriously, I was baking up a storm nearly every night of the week. Lucky for everyone around me, I was pretty good.

Halloween is by far, in my humble opinion, the BEST time for cupcakes. I mean look at those mummies up there, could you die? And there are more where those came from: witches, pumpkins, eyeballs, it’s insane.

And I’m insane so I couldn’t stop myself from baking nearly all of them.

Help me. Click here and help me stop baking

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