And Then It Got Crazy

It wasn’t long after the orange cupcakes that I went into full fledged baking hysteria. I mean seriously, I was baking up a storm nearly every night of the week. Lucky for everyone around me, I was pretty good.

Halloween is by far, in my humble opinion, the BEST time for cupcakes. I mean look at those mummies up there, could you die? And there are more where those came from: witches, pumpkins, eyeballs, it’s insane.

And I’m insane so I couldn’t stop myself from baking nearly all of them.

Ok I’m just kidding, I don’t want you to stop me from baking at all, but what happened with these is kind of nuts.

I took a box of devils food cake and baked that right up. Then I made a good ol fashion butter cream recipe and piped away.

Where it gets insane is that I took these tiny little sprinkles that my mom gave me and used them for eyes. The original photo I saw that inspired this used brown M&M’s which would have been way easier. But after sorting through about 50 mini bags (I’m crazy, remember this) it turns out that they don’t really love giving you brown M&M’s anymore and I didn’t have enough. Yup.

So instead, I took those tiny little sprinkles you see there and put them on, one by one,  as I dropped about 500 of them in the process.

Good times.

So there you have it. Mummy cupcakes.

Until next time.


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