A Little Baking Therapy For Everyone

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. I’ve attempted this quite a few times, as I’m sure a lot of you have, and am taking another shot at it all. I wanted to introduce myself to  those of you you don’t know me, and to re-introduce myself to those who may know me already, but don’t know my story.

 My mother has been an avid baker my whole life, and it seems that it’s just natural for me to have now found my way to loving to bake. I have been TERRIBLE at it for so long. Pretty much burning every single item I’ve ever tried to bake.

Then one day, seemingly out of nowhere, I got it.

It just clicked, and all of a sudden I not only understood baking, but I was GOOD at it.

This all seemed to coincide with my father passing away, which is why this blog is called Baking Therapy For Me. Instead of going to therapy to deal with my father’s death, I have been baking. Constantly.

Baking brings me happiness, and it allows me to share this happiness with those around me. Mostly my boyfriend and my co-workers.

As far as the basics go, I’m just a girl living in an apartment with my boyfriend and my cat in Los Angeles, CA and baking my pain away. This is my place to share it all with you.

Thanks for stopping by, hope to get to know you soon.



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