Kings Cake “Cupcakes” AKA Cinnamon Bun Bomb Dot Com Cakes

Mardi Gras. Oh how I love thee. Not because I pretended it was mardi gras when I went to cancun in high school but really because I love the tradition of Kings Cake.

Now, I will admit that I never really KNEW what Kings Cake was until a co-worker named Leah Dukes introduced me a couple years back.

You see, when we worked together in the promotions department at the radio station we celebrated Mardi Gras by bringing in food.

Our boss made the bomb ass jambalaya and rice, and we brought in other stuff to celebrate and cover in hot sauce.

She brought in a kings cake and I fell in love.

I also cheated my way into finding the baby hidden in the cake because I am incredibly competitive and I hate losing at anything.

This year I decided to try and make kings cake cupcakes.

I used this recipe, but instead of just putting the glaze on the cakes, I decided to put glaze AND a cinnamon/brown sugar buttercream.  I used this recipe to make the frosting.

Then I attempted to do a swirl of three different colors (instructions here) but kind of failed miserably. But thats ok. I will keep trying.

Also, I’ve decided to add a fun little part of this blog where I tell you what I listened to while baking.

Today it was Robyn. In fact, a lot of the time it’s Robyn. I LOVE HER.


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