The Cupcake Request Line…Call Now! Errr Post Now!

Today I posted about my Pancake Cupcakes in honor of National Pancake Day and people on Facebook kinda went nuts. Swoon. I am really really excited about it and totally humbled that anyone cares enough about my little hobby to respond to any of my posts. You guys really know how to make a girl feel good!

Soon after, my awesomely supportive brother posted a link to my blog on his Facebook, a page that is filled with fans of his radio show Huff & Stapes. On it, a really cool dude by the name of Shawn asked if I took requests.

I’d thought of doing this before, but didn’t really have an audience to take requests from.

Well, now I’ve got Shawn and gosh darnit, inspiration has arrived!

So here’s what I’m going to do. Every week I am going to take a request from one of you guys, and bake a cupcake just for you. Heck, if I can figure out how to do it, I may even mail you one of the completed cupcakes (don’t hold me to that, but I will DEFINITELY look into it!) Update: I’m totally going to figure out a way to ship you cupcakes, so you can hold me to it.

I like being creative with my baking, so make it something fun.

For example, I know my brother loves tequila, so I plan to make him a margarita cupcake with tequila in it.

Update: Wow! We are booking up quickly πŸ™‚ Here is the cupcake calendar…put your requests in soon!

You can suggest the entire cupcake, or just give me some inspiration of a food/drink that you like that you want adapted into a cupcake.

Leave your request in the comments below.

Once everything is said and baked, I will create a blog post dedicated to you and your cupcake choice!

Let’s get this thing started!



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41 responses to “The Cupcake Request Line…Call Now! Errr Post Now!

  1. thret

    As long as you are considering off-the-wall suggestions, how about vegemite and avocado? It’s an Australian thing…

  2. Shawn

    Some suggestions for inspiration!

    Cherry Coke taste not sure if you have Cherry Coke in the states.

    Cherry Cupcakes with JD soaked nuts

    Just some random suggestions πŸ˜€

  3. Jessica

    I think you should try mojito or chai tea! I love your blog, it is so cute! You are becoming a fabulous baker.

    • thank you!! I wanted to try a Chai Tea Latte when my friend Erica is in town, and mojito is a must!! So this week’s will be Shawns Cherry Cola cupcake, and next week will be your Mojito πŸ™‚ Then I will do ANOTHER one for you when Erica is in town the weekend of March 15th. Thanks for the suggestions!! Can’t wait to give these a try, and yes since you are local I will 100% deliver you a few of each so you can try them when they are finished!

      • Jessica

        I am so excited!!!! Thanks!!!! I seriously love your cute little blog, great job!

      • thank you!! Seriously excited to make your Mojito cupcake. I was brainstorming it SO much last night and I believe I’ve got something figured out that is going to be very very delicious.

  4. Melissa

    How about experimenting with herbs and vegetable? We had a tomato ricotta tart w/ basil ice cream once for dessert at a restaurant. Doing something like that in dessert form could be cool. Rosemary, lavender, thyme…just throwing it out there πŸ™‚

  5. Alexandra Huff

    I would like to suggest a bellini cupcake (peach). Mmmmm, yummy! Xo

    • Yes! Awesome! Sold πŸ™‚ You are penciled in for the week of April 2nd πŸ™‚ My birthday week! We will celebrate with bellini’s AND bellini cupcakes. Love you!! xoxo

      • Alexandra Huff

        Now that sounds like a perfect birthday week if you ask me!!! Yippee πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to try the cupcakes (in plural bc you know I will eat multiple!) Xo

  6. Sarah Carroll

    In honor of Girl Scout cookie season….Samoa cupcakes!

  7. Hambone

    Sasha!!!!!!! The week of April 20th it would be great to have some cupcakes…or a Cake for that matter. Or some Cups holding up a Birthday cake for a certain somebody. I hope you’re not booked up! – McCabe

  8. George

    How about a cupcake that’s like a giant peanut butter cup?! You know where I live.

  9. George

    oh, thought of another one! peppermint patty cupcake! boom, you’re rich.

    • that sounds fun. For this one, I would bake a peppermint patty directly into a chocolate cupcake. And make some peppermint frosting to go on top, garnished with another peppermint patty. Let’s add that one for May 21st.

  10. Matt Nelson

    I’d like to officially request an oil-free vegan cupcake. Since this request is already difficult and limiting I’ll leave it to you to choose whatever flavors you can imagine.

  11. Nadia

    Can I haz an ABSINTHE cupcake the week of my birthday–June 4th!?

  12. Nutella Cupcake – maybe too simple?
    Orange Dreamsicle Cupcake – Orange infused cupcake, with vanilla/orange frosting?
    Chocolate Malt Cupcake with Malt Balls baked in, or incorporated into the frosting
    Caramel/Toffee Cupcake or Caramel Apple
    Cotton Candy Cupcake
    S’mores Cupcake
    Oreo Cupcake
    Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcake
    Many ideas, pick one or none!! : D

    I just LOVE all the baking that you’re doing. Seems like such a blast! Keep up the yummy work!!!

  13. Pamela Leskar

    Banana Cream pie! With chocolate chips! Also, I miss you. And I am so excited about your blog (and your baking!).

    • hey!!! Thank you SO much πŸ™‚ I was literally talking about you the other day to my friend that went on Birthright recently. I told her about how you were basically the only person on the trip who was really kind to me. HAHAHAHA. And how nervous I was to go on the trip alone. xoxoxoxox. Thanks for the love !! miss you too!

  14. Leah Dukes // Promotions

    MAY 29TH!!! ME WANT WEDDING CUPCAKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’ve always wanted to try baking with lavender, so maybe like a lavender cupcake with vanilla frosting? Or lavender and lemon? Something tea themed!

    • Lavender is already on the calendar for this weekend, so the plan is on its way! Lavender and lemon is happening for sure! Possibly a lemon/lavender meringue!

  16. I’m a baklava sucker… you should make cupcakes modeled after their qualities πŸ˜‰

  17. Jill

    Hey Squishy,
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog…hmmm how about a BOSTON cream cupcake to celebrate your MA roots!! haha…and Kiley wants an elmo cupcake :o)
    Miss you and keep up the awesome work!

  18. Did I miss the train for the cupcake request line!? Do you ship out to Boston? If so, Im thinking Key Lime Pie cupcakes or a salted pretzel caramel cupcakes! πŸ™‚

    • yeaaaah. I kinda sorta got lazy with this part. I got a little too ambitious I think. It’s not a totally dead idea yet though, just needed some time off from all the requests. I do, however, LOVE the idea of salted pretzel caramel cupcakes and will absolutely have to give this one a try!

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