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Me Want! Wednesday: Sunscreen, A Cute Ring And Some Other Stuff Me Want

Helllllllo everyone!

Sorry for the lack of a “Me Want! Wednesday” post last week. I’m sure you were all DYING to see what items I was coveting, but alas, I had a guest coming into town and cleaning the bathroom was more important than internet window shopping.

But I’m BACK! And today you will get to see all the baking related amazingness that I’ve found on the world wide interweb and together we can dream all day about spending money on things we don’t really need…but man do we want!

Off we go. Wear comfortable shoes.

1) Cupcake Ring from Etsy – $72

Oh Etsy. You are such a time stealing, mistress of life but I love you so. I mean, just LOOK at that ring. It is the perfect little homage to my baking love without being a big bright cupcake on my middle finger. This is perfection. Sure, it’s a little pricey but we are window shopping. Our bank account is limitless on the internet.

2) Australian Gold ‘Peace, Love & Cupcakes’ Tanning Lotion – $11.50

Hello Australian Gold product creators. You are brilliant. Did you really just make a tanning lotion that smells like cupcakes? Oh you did? Well bravo because you just won my heart. I will even wrap it in cupcake wrapping paper. Being a Florida girl, turned Cali girl, tanning lotion is a must. Now, I don’t do a ton of indoor tanning, but if you do, protect yourself with cupcake scented lotion. I like to protect myself from life by eating cupcakes once a week. What are we talking about?

3) Cupcakes Make Everything Better T-Shirt from Etsy – $22

Hey Etsy! Fancy seeing you here again. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. This t-shirt sums up my entire theory in life. Don’t ask me my thoughts on anything serious, because my only answer will be Cupcakes Make Everything Better. And then I will look stupid.

4) Black and White Damask Ceramic Baking Canisters with Spoons – $55

Something practical. With how often I take sugar and flour out of the top shelf of my cabinets, you’d think I would have already purchased something like this, but I haven’t. I like to really struggle. Without struggle, I wouldn’t need baking therapy. So I insist on staying horribly dis-organized and troubled.

5) Bite Me Cupcakes – Laptop Art – $15

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. This is priceless. As if being an angsty new food blogger wasn’t enough to make your boyfriend or girlfriend run screaming, why not add this fancy little get up to your lap top just to show you are REALLY open to suggestion. I need this. Sorry Russ.

And that’s it folks.

Anything you think I would want that I haven’t featured yet? Shoot me a note in the comments. Think my choices were dumb? Shoot me a note in the comments.

Love you bye!


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Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes And A Brand New Logo!

Oh man. Today I am both sad and incredibly happy. Sad because my best friend in the world, Erica, just left me after a glorious weekend together. Happy because we made amazing chai tea latte cupcakes together PLUS I am finally debuting the new Baking Therapy logo!!

Where to start?

First, let’s talk about the new logo. I am THRILLED and humbled that I know someone like Nick who is an incredibly talented illustrator and someone who willingly made a brand new, custom designed cupcake logo for this little blog-oh-mine. When I first asked him to design something, I had no idea if he would really do it, and he did and I’m just so excited it’s hard for me to properly communicate that to you guys.

I mean seriously. Look at that thing. He even added a little pancake garnish like the one from my pancake cupcakes. And I didn’t even ask for that!! He is just THAT creative. Man.

So what do you guys think? I think it’s kind of the shit. Sorry to any parents who read this but that’s truly how I feel right now.

If you want to see more of Nick’s amazing artwork, check out his website by clicking here.

Alright, on to the cupcakes!

Last night, with the help of my friend Erica, we made Chai Tea Latte cupcakes!

This one is SUPER easy and REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY good. Like seriously good.

Here is what you will need:

1 Box of white cake mix (I prefer Duncan Hines)

Everything for your basic butter cream recipe (Find that in “The Basics” section on this here bloggy blog)

6 bags of Chai Tea



Vegetable Oil

Let’s make some cupcakes!

Start by taking your 6 bags of Chai Tea and brewing them in 1 1/4 cups of milk. I use skim milk and my cupcakes turn out great.

Brew the tea for 12 minutes over a medium heat, stirring frequently.

Once the milk turns a nice light shade of brown (almost like a coffee with a lot of milk) you are done with that step. It should take the full 12 minutes.

Put that in the fridge to help it cool down.

Next, put all of your ingredients for your cake mix (minus the 1 1/3 cup of water) into a bowl. Add  1 1/3 cup of the tea/milk combo, plus 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and mix those delicious ingredients together.  Save the rest of the tea/milk combo for your frosting.

Bake your cupcakes.

Once they have cooled, make your butter cream. Add the rest of the milk/tea combo 1 tblsp at a time, until you have a nice chai flavor. Add 1 tsp of vanilla as well. If you notice that the frosting isn’t the right texture, add more sugar.

Pipe the frosting onto those babies, and add a little sprinkle of cinnamon for the garnish.

And voila! You’ve got a delicious vanilla chai cupcake to show off to all of your co-workers…or friends, family, dog, whatever you choose.

Thanks again for stopping by and another extra special thanks to Nick for my brand new logo!

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The Cupcake Request Line: Dear Jessica…I’ve Got Your Mojito Waiting!

Last week’s Cupcake Request Line was a total fail. Nothing worse than starting a feature with a fail to really get your confidence BOOMING.


Thankfull, Shawn was super awesome about the whole thing, AND I bought some extracts today to make sure that I get both cherry and cola flavoring in my next attempt at a Cherry Coke Cupcake.

Alright, enough about the fail, let’s get to the major win that are Jessica’s Mojito Cupcakes!

Dear Jessica…the moment you suggested Mojito cupcakes, I knew they would be a winner.

I knew from the moment you commented, that I wanted to make these taste EXACTLY like a Mojito. So what better way to do that, than to literally MAKE one and dump it all into some cupcakes?

I muddled together some fresh mint, lime juice, simple syrup, and rum. I left out the soda water since I knew that would just water down the flavor. I did this before I even started the batter, because I really wanted the flavors to have time to mesh.

I used a box of white cake mix, and added some lime juice. I decided to use FRESH limes, and juice them, but I realize now that perhaps buying the lime juice in a bottle would be a better, more potent choice because the lime flavor didn’t really jump out at me in the cake.

For the frosting, I made a basic butter cream recipe (found here) and after straining out the crushed mint from my mojito concotion above, I threw it all in the frosting.

And then it happened…..I thought I FAILED AGAIN! AHHHH!

The flavors weren’t really there. So I dumped more rum in, dumped more lime juice in, and eventually the flavor was found.

That’s really how I do it most of the time. Just keep tasting and adding until the flavor is right. Now, because I put a lot of liquid in the frosting, I had to keep adding in more sugar.

Then I baked those suckers, piped the frosting on and added a little straw and cherry to make it look like a drink!

Since this is a Cupcake Request Line batch, I will be dropping them off to you, Jessica, today after work.

And that’s it!

Next week will be Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes, in celebration of my best friend Erica (who loves tea!) coming into town.

Thanks for stopping by, and please, submit your Cupcake Request Line suggestions here.


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Me Want! Wednesday’s: Baking Items I Really Really Want…

This week on Me Want! Wednesdays, I add some dessert plates (who knew there were plates JUST for desserts?!?! NOT ME. WHY? Mom? Why didn’t you tell me there are plates made for just desserts? We need to talk…) a really nifty baking kit, and a couple other handy dandy items that I really, really want. Off we go now.

1) Beehive Cake Stand – West Elm $39

Oh hello. My name is “cutest cake stand ever invented” so nice to meet you. Ugh. Could you just die? This is amazing, and me really, really want. Now, I haven’t really baked enough cakes or had enough parties to justify NEEDING this so much, but that’s ok. This feature isn’t Me Need Wednesdays, it’s me WANT. And ME WANT BAD.

2) Wilton® Ultimate Decorating Set – Bed Bath & Beyond $199.99

Just a heads up, a couple of the items on this week’s post are a weeeeee bit expensive. So if you are planning my birthday (*cough, April 4th, cough*) presents around this here blog post, I’m sorry for having such exquisite taste. However, with all the nifty tools inside this baby, it’s worth the money. PLUS, if you use a 20% off coupon it will be like….some amount of dollars off. I don’t do math. Leave me alone!!

3) Owl Dessert Plates – West Elm $26

Ooooooooooooooh child. Owls? On plates? Yes please, I’ll take two. I heart these. Majorly. I need them. I want them. I just, someone, anyone. Send them to me. Ok fine I will just buy them myself. NO WAIT. YOU BUY THEM FOR ME.

4) Cupcake Ukulele – Etsy $450

BWAHAHAHA. I mean really? Do I need to say more? It’s a friggin $450 cupcake Ukulele. OF COURSE I want this. If you don’t want this, you are a weirdo and we can’t be friends anymore. Seriously? I want to meet you, person who made this beautiful piece of art. Because quite frankly, you are one of the best people on the planet. Period. Dot. Amen. Peace out.

Alright folks, that’s all the internet window shopping I’ve got time for today.

Enjoy yourself.

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Baking Fail..Womp Womp Womp!

Hey, ya win some, ya lose some, and last night I was a big big loser.

I attempted to bake Shawn’s cherry coke cupcakes, via the Cupcake Request Line, and I was SURE I had it down pat.

I took cherry diet coke, added that sheeeeeeet to the batter, took some maraschino cherries, drained out the red juice and threw that sheeeeet in too. I was sure this would give me a nice cherry flavor, and some cola would come out too.

Well I was wrong. HEY. LEAVE ME ALONE. I’M NO PRO HERE. 🙂

No but seriously. I tried to make root beer cupcakes once by putting root beer right into the batter and icing and nothing happened.You’d think I’d have learned from this mistake but nah. I like to make the same mistakes over and over (am I crazy? Maybe) before admitting failure.

What is so weird about this failure, is that not only did the cake/frosting lack cherry coke flavor…it lacked ALL flavor. Like, the amount of stuff I put in there should have changed the flavor of the white cake to something other than white cake….but it didn’t. AT ALL. So while I failed at making cherry coke cupcakes…. I succeeded at MAGIC. I AM A MAGICIAN NOW! This blog is now called “Magician Therapy.”

Anyway, I apologize Shawn for failing you so, however, I have learned there is a such thing as cola extract I can purchase…which I just may have to try. Cola extract, cherry extract…I think we’re on to something here Shawn. WE ARE ON TO SOMETHING!

Welp…that’s that. Until next time..



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Hello! Nice To Meet You, Other Bloggers Of The World Wide Web!

Yesterday something really amazing happened. My co-worker Nadia showed some serious support of Bake Therapy, and through the powers of the interweb, she introduced me to some of her foodie friends.

Now, showing your blog to your friends and family is exciting and their feedback is always rewarding, but something new happens when people you’ve never met before check it out….and they like it.

This “something new” that happens is called pure joy and excitement, one that leaves you refreshing your twitter feed over and over again wondering if it will happen again.

And then it does.

And then your BRAIN EXPLODES.

I got so confused after the last tweet, that I literally asked her “Wait, you love me or Nadia?” Which she answered so graciously (and without laughing at me over the web) with “YOU!! And Nadia of course!”

This whole blog is already something special, but now that it’s really out there, I am so inspired. I’m inspired to see other people blogging about their lives, and I really am committed to making this space something fun for myself, and for anyone else who wants to join me.

Doodle Bear would be proud of this one.

While your heart goes a flutter for me, please check out some of the new blogs I’ve been introduced to, and if you also have a blog I’ve not seen yet, please leave a link in the comments.

Gluttonous Adventures

Treasure LA


Or a cupcake.

Or whatever. I’m just so excited to be here, I’m happy to just sit in a corner and watch all of you. Ok not really. Ok I’m leaving now.

Love you.


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Me Want! Wednesday’s: Baking Items I Really Really Want.

Update: The settings were funky on my site and the timezone was wrong. I swear I posted this on Wednesday. Oof.

Today begins the start of a weekly feature I call “Me Want! Wednesdays,” which is a little compilation of baking items I have come across that I really, really want to own one day.

Yes, I am begging so politely in that picture, but of course I don’t REALLY expect any of you to purchase these items for me *cough, boyfriend, cough, mom, cough, brother* I am merely sharing them because I think they are super fun, and perhaps one day I will in fact buy them for myself.

Let’s get this window shopping on the internet party started!

Click here to go internet window shopping with me


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