Hello! Nice To Meet You, Other Bloggers Of The World Wide Web!

Yesterday something really amazing happened. My co-worker Nadia showed some serious support of Bake Therapy, and through the powers of the interweb, she introduced me to some of her foodie friends.

Now, showing your blog to your friends and family is exciting and their feedback is always rewarding, but something new happens when people you’ve never met before check it out….and they like it.

This “something new” that happens is called pure joy and excitement, one that leaves you refreshing your twitter feed over and over again wondering if it will happen again.

And then it does.

And then your BRAIN EXPLODES.

I got so confused after the last tweet, that I literally asked her “Wait, you love me or Nadia?” Which she answered so graciously (and without laughing at me over the web) with “YOU!! And Nadia of course!”

This whole blog is already something special, but now that it’s really out there, I am so inspired. I’m inspired to see other people blogging about their lives, and I really am committed to making this space something fun for myself, and for anyone else who wants to join me.

Doodle Bear would be proud of this one.

While your heart goes a flutter for me, please check out some of the new blogs I’ve been introduced to, and if you also have a blog I’ve not seen yet, please leave a link in the comments.



Gluttonous Adventures

Treasure LA


Or a cupcake.

Or whatever. I’m just so excited to be here, I’m happy to just sit in a corner and watch all of you. Ok not really. Ok I’m leaving now.

Love you.



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