Me Want! Wednesday’s: Baking Items I Really Really Want.

Update: The settings were funky on my site and the timezone was wrong. I swear I posted this on Wednesday. Oof.

Today begins the start of a weekly feature I call “Me Want! Wednesdays,” which is a little compilation of baking items I have come across that I really, really want to own one day.

Yes, I am begging so politely in that picture, but of course I don’t REALLY expect any of you to purchase these items for me *cough, boyfriend, cough, mom, cough, brother* I am merely sharing them because I think they are super fun, and perhaps one day I will in fact buy them for myself.

Let’s get this window shopping on the internet party started!

1) Owl Measuring Cups from West Elm – $19.

I’m kind of obsessed with these. Lately, I have really fallen in love with anything that has animals on it. T-shirts, lamps, jewelry. I just love it. Me want these Owl Measuring cups. The onllllly issue is that they don’t have handles on them. But who cares! NOT ME I TELL YA NOT ME!

2) Keep Calm and Bake On Poster from Etsy – $10

Come onnnnnnnn. If this isn’t the perfect item for Baking Therapy I’m not sure what is! In fact, this is my new mantra. Seriously. The whole point of Baking Therapy is to keep calm and bake on. I need this. For $10 it doesn’t come framed but that’s alright. I will just steal a frame from your house and it will be all good.

3) Edible Ink Printer – $75

Oh yes, come to mama. I’ve been dying to make some cupcakes with my silly face on them and having an edible ink printer would be the bomb! Holler ONE time if you hear me. Only once though. Geez you’re loud.

Welp, that’s all I’ve got for right now because my mom bought me the Kitchenaid mixer I’ve always wanted, which takes up about 15 spots on my list.

What baking supplies do you have your eye on these days? Let me know in the comments, I need more things to drool over!



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2 responses to “Me Want! Wednesday’s: Baking Items I Really Really Want.

  1. OMG. All so cute. The cupcake logo is the best.

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