The Cupcake Request Line: Dear Jessica…I’ve Got Your Mojito Waiting!

Last week’s Cupcake Request Line was a total fail. Nothing worse than starting a feature with a fail to really get your confidence BOOMING.


Thankfull, Shawn was super awesome about the whole thing, AND I bought some extracts today to make sure that I get both cherry and cola flavoring in my next attempt at a Cherry Coke Cupcake.

Alright, enough about the fail, let’s get to the major win that are Jessica’s Mojito Cupcakes!

Dear Jessica…the moment you suggested Mojito cupcakes, I knew they would be a winner.

I knew from the moment you commented, that I wanted to make these taste EXACTLY like a Mojito. So what better way to do that, than to literally MAKE one and dump it all into some cupcakes?

I muddled together some fresh mint, lime juice, simple syrup, and rum. I left out the soda water since I knew that would just water down the flavor. I did this before I even started the batter, because I really wanted the flavors to have time to mesh.

I used a box of white cake mix, and added some lime juice. I decided to use FRESH limes, and juice them, but I realize now that perhaps buying the lime juice in a bottle would be a better, more potent choice because the lime flavor didn’t really jump out at me in the cake.

For the frosting, I made a basic butter cream recipe (found here) and after straining out the crushed mint from my mojito concotion above, I threw it all in the frosting.

And then it happened…..I thought I FAILED AGAIN! AHHHH!

The flavors weren’t really there. So I dumped more rum in, dumped more lime juice in, and eventually the flavor was found.

That’s really how I do it most of the time. Just keep tasting and adding until the flavor is right. Now, because I put a lot of liquid in the frosting, I had to keep adding in more sugar.

Then I baked those suckers, piped the frosting on and added a little straw and cherry to make it look like a drink!

Since this is a Cupcake Request Line batch, I will be dropping them off to you, Jessica, today after work.

And that’s it!

Next week will be Chai Tea Latte Cupcakes, in celebration of my best friend Erica (who loves tea!) coming into town.

Thanks for stopping by, and please, submit your Cupcake Request Line suggestions here.



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4 responses to “The Cupcake Request Line: Dear Jessica…I’ve Got Your Mojito Waiting!

  1. Lucia Fasano

    Oh my god. Those turned out amazing. You’re so creative with the straw and cherries, too! I am so excited for the chai tea recipe!

  2. Those look so cute with the straw on top! Love the idea of adding actual rum in too to get the flavor. Yum yummm! xx

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