Me Want! Wednesday: Sunscreen, A Cute Ring And Some Other Stuff Me Want

Helllllllo everyone!

Sorry for the lack of a “Me Want! Wednesday” post last week. I’m sure you were all DYING to see what items I was coveting, but alas, I had a guest coming into town and cleaning the bathroom was more important than internet window shopping.

But I’m BACK! And today you will get to see all the baking related amazingness that I’ve found on the world wide interweb and together we can dream all day about spending money on things we don’t really need…but man do we want!

Off we go. Wear comfortable shoes.

1) Cupcake Ring from Etsy – $72

Oh Etsy. You are such a time stealing, mistress of life but I love you so. I mean, just LOOK at that ring. It is the perfect little homage to my baking love without being a big bright cupcake on my middle finger. This is perfection. Sure, it’s a little pricey but we are window shopping. Our bank account is limitless on the internet.

2) Australian Gold ‘Peace, Love & Cupcakes’ Tanning Lotion – $11.50

Hello Australian Gold product creators. You are brilliant. Did you really just make a tanning lotion that smells like cupcakes? Oh you did? Well bravo because you just won my heart. I will even wrap it in cupcake wrapping paper. Being a Florida girl, turned Cali girl, tanning lotion is a must. Now, I don’t do a ton of indoor tanning, but if you do, protect yourself with cupcake scented lotion. I like to protect myself from life by eating cupcakes once a week. What are we talking about?

3) Cupcakes Make Everything Better T-Shirt from Etsy – $22

Hey Etsy! Fancy seeing you here again. I’m going to keep this one short and sweet. This t-shirt sums up my entire theory in life. Don’t ask me my thoughts on anything serious, because my only answer will be Cupcakes Make Everything Better. And then I will look stupid.

4) Black and White Damask Ceramic Baking Canisters with Spoons – $55

Something practical. With how often I take sugar and flour out of the top shelf of my cabinets, you’d think I would have already purchased something like this, but I haven’t. I like to really struggle. Without struggle, I wouldn’t need baking therapy. So I insist on staying horribly dis-organized and troubled.

5) Bite Me Cupcakes – Laptop Art – $15

BWAHAHAHAHAHA. This is priceless. As if being an angsty new food blogger wasn’t enough to make your boyfriend or girlfriend run screaming, why not add this fancy little get up to your lap top just to show you are REALLY open to suggestion. I need this. Sorry Russ.

And that’s it folks.

Anything you think I would want that I haven’t featured yet? Shoot me a note in the comments. Think my choices were dumb? Shoot me a note in the comments.

Love you bye!


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