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Come Here Often?

Hey Guys! So um, yeaaah about me dropping off the face of Baking Therapy last week….let’s talk.

Listen. I don’t want to go into a super long convo with you, ok? I just got a little side tracked, I DID bake, but I didn’t feel like blogging about it.

Originally, this was supposed to be an outlet for me to have fun when I feel like it.

Then, my marketing side took over and was like “I’m going to market this and make it the best blog on the planet!!” And since I am pretttty good at that whole marketing thing, I came up with the Cupcake Request Line, and committed to baking for people once a week, for free, which makes this whole thing less fun and more of a job.

And by golly, I’ve already got one of those them there jobs and having a second one that pays me negative dollars just seems silly.

Now, I have no plan of bailing on my commitments that I’ve already made, because that’s not my style. I just may or may not be doing them every Sunday, etc. The point is, I will get to it, just maybe not as quickly as I originally wanted to.

So, now that I have half-hardheartedly apologized to you, but with solid sincerity (I promise!) let’s get to some baking, shall we?

Last week I baked twice. I made a cookie cake and I made root beer cupcakes.

The cookie cake came about because, again, I was clearly feeling super lazy last week and while I was craving cookies like you wouldn’t understand, I didn’t feel like making tons of batches, individually scooping each cookie on to a sheet pan, and ya know, MAKING COOKIES. So instead, I made THIS cookie batter, and slapped it into some cake pans. Threw them in the oven, and voila! Cookie cake! Cookie cake that I have been eating for breakfast every day since then.

The root beer cupcakes were made for my friend Dennis’ birthday.

Took a white cake mix, added a tablespoon of root beer extract. Made a butter cream, added a table spoon of root beer extract. BOOM. Root beer cupcakes. Again, this was the REALLY lazy way, and next time I will try THIS recipe.

So there you have it folks. I have not quit this space, I just needed some….space.

Happy eating to all of you!



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