The Lazy Baker: Mini Nutella Cakes

So it’s been getting prettty, prettty lazy round these here parts.

I know I keep talking about it (BORING!) but it’s true.

We were out of town for an amazing wedding last week and if I was a true food blogger, I would have taken pictures of the food and commented on how lovely everything was (note to self, do this in the future!) but instead I was focused on the incredible, amazing bride who honored me with a request to be in her bridal party.

I mean look at this couple, could you die?

Ok, back to baking!

Recently, I have been really into quick, simple baking recipes.

Perhaps this isn’t a good thing, because it makes delicious baked goods right at my finger tips, but who cares, no big deal, I want mooooooooore! (If you got that little mermaid reference we are best friends forever now, good job!)

Tonight I made the four ingredient Mini Nutella Cakes found at this blog right here.

SO easy. They rose better than most of the cupcakes I’ve made in my life, and they were awesome. I mean like offensively good.

Note: instead of chopping up semi sweet chocolate, I just added a handful of semi-sweet chocolate chips and folded them in. This was a good choice.

Little balls of delicious Nutella cake. Go make them. Right now.

But you don’t have Nutella on hand, you say? What kind of sugar addict are you, man? Get with it. Go get you some. I won’t tell.

Goodbye for now!


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