And Then We Got REALLY Motivated And Did A Ton Of Stuff Before Noon On A Sunday

Right when I think I have given up on doing just about anything remotely productive besides work, in comes a Sunday where my boyfriend is working allll day, my friends are either out of town or enjoying their Sunday with their loved ones, and I am all by my lonesome needing something to occupy my time.

You see, the phrase “Idle hands are the devil’s play thing” was written for me.


I go from being the happiest, funny, light hearted lady to a totally depressed, hopeless ball of mush when I’m bored. Life just sucks when you are bored, what can I say?

So today I decided that instead of sitting in my apartment staring at Facebook and getting sad that all of you are out on a boat, running a marathon, vacationing in Tahiti, or doing some other fabulous event without me, that I would be productive DAMNIT! And when I am productive, I’m REALLY productive.

I woke up, did laundry, painted a picture for our bedroom and unpacked from New York (only a week late!) all before 10am. No joke.

(Im not LOVING the yellow, it came out a bit bright for my taste, but its good enough for now. I also plan to stencil some white branches on it at some point, which should bring the brightness down a bit.)

Oh hey look! It’s Washburn. Did I mention we adopted another cat? Yeah, he’s cool. We like him.

Ok, so now it’s about noon O’Clock and I realize that I have an entire day ahead of me and will get bored pretttty quickly if I don’t find something else to do.

In walks Netflix. We hang out, watch some depressing documentary about crazy shit because I am a weirdo who likes to watch stuff like that and then it’s time to make cupcakes.

I realize to myself, “Self, you have that new Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and everything you need to make vanilla cupcakes.”

So I did.

I went to Joy The Baker’s website, found this recipe, added chocolate chips because why not, and made myself a good ol fashion batch of vanilla chocolate chip cupcakes with a chocolate butter cream.

I didn’t have the Ovaltine she uses in the recipe, so I just didn’t put it in there. The frosting still turned out great.

I then packed everything up in my nifty new cupcake carrying case, thanks to my great friend Tara who hooked it UP for my birthday, and called it a day.

Well, hope all you fancy pants people with Sunday plans enjoyed yourselves today.

I sure did 🙂 And I have clean shirts too! Go me! I’m a productive member of society with clean shirts and cupcakes! BEAT THAT MARTHA STEWART!




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2 responses to “And Then We Got REALLY Motivated And Did A Ton Of Stuff Before Noon On A Sunday

  1. anyone who can go laundry before 10am is my hero! 🙂

    • Thank you! I knew if I didn’t do it immediately upon waking up it would never get done. And then my poor co-workers would have to deal with my smelly clothes! Oh those poor co-workers of mine! 😉

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