Red, White and Blue Pancakes!

It’s Memorial Day weekend, three days off of work and a time to make sure we thank veterans who have given their life to protect our country.

It’s hard to be too serious when talking about red, white and blue pancakes but I really do mean it. I’ve known many people who have dedicated their lives to our military, and whether or not I believe in the reasons we are fighting certain wars, I still have nothing but respect and gratitude for those who serve.

Real talk.

Alright, on to the pancakes.

These are super simple, and a really fun way to be festive (these would be great for fourth of July too!) and just make you happy in the morning.

I used this pancake recipe, divided the batter into three parts. Added a few drops of food coloring, and made em!

Simple. Easy. Makes boyfriends/girlfriends/roomates/brothers/sisters/mothers/fathers/daughters/sons/cousins happy!

Enjoy your weekend. I’m off to make red, white and blue “snow cone” cupcakes for a BBQ!



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