Creative Therapy: A Little Dresser Refresher

There is nothing I find more exciting than a good deal. My mom always raised me to find more excitement in saving money than in spending it, which is one of the reasons why I always get giddy over a solid penny saver.

The other day, Russ and I were biking back from breakfast (say that 10 times fast!) and we came across a yard sale in our neighborhood. We’ve found a TON of great things in the past because we happen to have neighbors with fantastic taste, which made it so we just HAD to stop and take a look around.

And that’s when I saw it. A pretty wood dresser, sitting all by its lonesome, wanting to come home with me.

As quickly as I yelled “HOW MUCH?” from my bike, the response “$50!” came back and it was SOLD!

Next up, grabbing the good old Prius while betting Russ we could most definitely fit this thing in there. He absolutely didn’t believe me and I absolutely won the bet because IT FIT BECAUSE PRIUS’ ARE THE BEST EVER WOWOWOW!

Anywho. What you may not realllly be able to notice in the picture above is that those dresser knobs are painted purple. Yup. Purple painted wood dresser knobs. So obviously those had to go. Like, immediately.

Off to Home Depot we went, $9 later and we’ve got 7 of these shiny new knobs.

The new ones are a bit smaller, but anything is better than that purple and I liked the color of the new ones, and it is my dresser so I do what I want.

So began the changing out of all the knobs. It’s not so easy when you have two feline helpers that want to be part of it all.

Such cute monsters they are.

Anywho, it took about 10 minutes, all were changed, and now we have an updated dresser for a total cost of under $60!

I think I’m going to use the old knobs, re-paint them, and create either a purse hanging or necklace/bracelet hanging thing-a-ma-bob.

Good talk. Thanks for stopping by! Much love.


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