An Update…Many Months Later

Hello Everyone, 

It’s been awhile. A really long while in fact. I haven’t been keeping up with this blog at all, and as a lot of people can probably relate to, it just gets hard sometimes. I want to pay more attention to it, but I haven’t for several reasons. The biggest of them being my lack of baking. You see, after my dad passed away (the real reason I started this blog in the first place) I dove head first into my hobby of baking. There was something about creating pretty and delicious treats for my co-workers that just made me incredibly happy. I loved sharing my creations with them. I loved the reaction I got when I’d come up with a unique recipe that made them excited. It was fun. 

Then I left my job to freelance, and had no one to bake for but me and my boyfriend. Unfortunately, with that came the addition of 25lbs and the subtraction of some self esteem. Let’s face it, drowning your sorrows in cupcakes perhaps isn’t the healthiest of ways to deal with something as traumatic as losing a parent. 

Perhaps I will find my way back to baking one day. Maybe the celebration of finding a new full time job will include some freshly baked treats for my new co-workers. Who knows. But for now, you won’t hear much of me on this blog. 

Until next time…

Your friend,




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2 responses to “An Update…Many Months Later

  1. Sorry to hear that you won’t be updating this blog much anymore. I’ve always enjoyed what you’ve written here. You could, if you wanted to, turn the blog in a new direction the focuses more on baking other things, rather than just sweets. I’ll allow it. I’d also encourage non baking posts about other random things. It’s nice to have an outlet that is not connected with “this is what I have to do for living.” Regardless I will continue to enjoy your freelance writing in the future.

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