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Halloween Party Ideas!

Hellllllllo again. So instead of starting this post with a bunch of empty promises of my return to this space, I’m just going to get right into the good stuff. We had a super early halloween get together this year, and I wanted to share some of the recipes and crafts I made for the shin-dig.

We decided to do it really early because I didn’t want to compete with other parties, and I kind of love staying in Halloween weekend and just watching a movie with Russ while carving pumpkins and drinking cider.

But for our 2nd annual spooky (but more quirky) halloween movie night, I had to go all out.

In this post I will share our menu, decorations, and party favors!


Pumpkin Puking Guacamole with chips

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.28.41 PM

Buy a medium sized pumpkin. Carve it to look like its getting sick. Make some guacamole. Put it on a plate and a little near the mouth so it looks like it’s puking.

Skinned Alive Skull deli meat tray

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.29.23 PM

Buy a styrofoam or plastic skull head. Cover it with saran wrap. Buy deli meat sliced thin, cover the skull, but leave the mouth area uncovered so the teeth show through. The eyes are made with small fresh mozzarella balls and two sliced olives. I used a tooth pick to keep them in place. Roll up the rest of the deli meat, and put it on a tray. I also had mini rolls and a small dish with mustard out for people to make their own deli sandwiches.

Edible Intestines (Spanakopita)

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.31.58 PM

I got this idea from the blog, “Wanna Bite” but was left rushing at the end so I didn’t have time to nicely paint the blood on. Next time I will make it earlier in the day. I chose to do the spinach/feta combo inside because I wanted to provide my guests with another hearty option for a snack. The spanakopita recipe I used is linked in the title of this menu item.

Zombie Brain jello dessert

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.28.49 PM

This is incredibly easy. Buy the jello mold, choose a red flavor, and add in some evaporated milk to make it opaque. Make sure to spray the mold with cooking spray to ensure an easy removal of the item.

Putrid Chocolate Covered Oreos

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 1.29.37 PM

My mom has made chocolate covered Oreos for more occasions than I can count, so I had to make some for my party. The pumpkin toppers are royal icing, and my mom made them so I don’t have the recipe, but you could just put regular halloween themed sprinkles, or buy some other themed topping to go on it. I chose to purchase the Halloween Oreos this year as well, so when you took a bite you saw orange and black!


For the bar we put out the usual liquor, plus some wine and our awesome friends brought beer and soda, etc. Instead of spiking the cider beforehand, this year we chose to leave it as is, and let our friends choose to use either rum or bourbon for the extra kick. (Our friend Nick drew the awesome signs!!)


We also got these cute little napkins at TJ Max for $3 a pack! I’m officially obsessed and have plenty leftover for next year.



We like to have fun with our decorations and go all out with new ideas of making fun things happen around the apartment. Here are some of the things we did!

Haunted House Door Decor


Ghostly Ghoulish Chandelier


Creepy Guy Hiding in the Shower

Russ did this one last year, but upped the awesomeness of it by adding in a motion sensor that turned the bathroom light red after a few seconds of people being in the bathroom. Yup. I have an amazingly creative boyfriend over here, and people LOVED it.


Party Favors:

I always like to end my holiday parties with a little treat bag for friends to take home, so this year I made some classic halloween candy filled goodie bags. I bought a 13lb bag of mixed candy at Costco, filled halloween themed bags with them, and added in some plastic spider rings and holiday themed stickers. Yup.

Costco packs your groceries in boxes, and I happened to end up with one that was a perfect size to turn into a goodie bag holder. I used some halloween themed tape that my mom bought me at TJ Maxx for $3, wrapped the box and that was it. I put it on the table at the front of our apartment near the door, added a pumpkin for good measure, and a little sign telling people to grab one on their way out. It was a big hit!





As for the movie choice, Russ’ brother Dane came through with an awesome recommendation called “Slumber Party Massacre Part 3.” No, none of us saw parts 1 & 2 but it didn’t matter. This movie was ridiculous and perfectly wonderful for the evening.

Alright that’s it! Hope you guys enjoy the ideas, and that this has sparked some creativity for our halloween party this year. I’d love to see some of the things you’ve done in the past, or come back later to share links to the things you end up doing later this month.





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Creative Therapy: A Little Dresser Refresher

There is nothing I find more exciting than a good deal. My mom always raised me to find more excitement in saving money than in spending it, which is one of the reasons why I always get giddy over a solid penny saver.

The other day, Russ and I were biking back from breakfast (say that 10 times fast!) and we came across a yard sale in our neighborhood. We’ve found a TON of great things in the past because we happen to have neighbors with fantastic taste, which made it so we just HAD to stop and take a look around.

And that’s when I saw it. A pretty wood dresser, sitting all by its lonesome, wanting to come home with me.

As quickly as I yelled “HOW MUCH?” from my bike, the response “$50!” came back and it was SOLD!

Next up, grabbing the good old Prius while betting Russ we could most definitely fit this thing in there. He absolutely didn’t believe me and I absolutely won the bet because IT FIT BECAUSE PRIUS’ ARE THE BEST EVER WOWOWOW!

Anywho. What you may not realllly be able to notice in the picture above is that those dresser knobs are painted purple. Yup. Purple painted wood dresser knobs. So obviously those had to go. Like, immediately.

Off to Home Depot we went, $9 later and we’ve got 7 of these shiny new knobs.

The new ones are a bit smaller, but anything is better than that purple and I liked the color of the new ones, and it is my dresser so I do what I want.

So began the changing out of all the knobs. It’s not so easy when you have two feline helpers that want to be part of it all.

Such cute monsters they are.

Anywho, it took about 10 minutes, all were changed, and now we have an updated dresser for a total cost of under $60!

I think I’m going to use the old knobs, re-paint them, and create either a purse hanging or necklace/bracelet hanging thing-a-ma-bob.

Good talk. Thanks for stopping by! Much love.

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The Lazy Crafter: Sea Shell Memory Jar

A couple of years ago, while Russ and I were in Florida for the holidays, we took a walk along his father’s favorite beach in Jensen. Being a Florida girl myself, I knew I had to collect some sea shells along the way, figuring one day I would make jewelry out of them, a painting, who knows! I just knew I had to have them.

Fast forward a year, we’re back in Jensen Beach with Russ’ dad, his girlfriend Wendy, and his brother Dane, and in our stockings we receive two of those awesome mini zen garden’s for our desks. We both LOVED them.

Mine looked like this:

And Russ’ like this:

Unfortunately, after getting two cats who LOVE to get into everything, they both ended up looking like this:

They have looked like this for months and months but we literally couldn’t bare to let them go. Hoarders much? Probably. We just loved them and thought maybe ONE day we would buy some more fun things to go in them? I have no idea.

So this morning I was emptying the dishwasher and putting some stuff away when I noticed the tupperware container filled with sea shells, and ALSO noticed the empty sand boxes.


Lightbulb went off and I realized I could use one of the many empty salsa jars I’ve been hoarding to create a little memory jar using the leftover sand from our zen gardens and the sea shells from our holiday vacation, both of which came from really great times we’ve spent with Russ’ family.

It’s as easy as it gets, pour the sand in, layer the shells, and BOOM, you’ve got an awesome little memory jar to put on your book shelf! (We are getting new bookshelves this weekend, I am SO excited!!)

I added a little strip of bling to my jar lid to make it feel a bit more romantic. I think it looks lovely.

And that’s that! An easy 5 minute morning craft project to get the day started. We’re off to Home Depot now to get some new dresser knobs for a yard sale find we got last weekend. Will post about that later.

Lots of love to all of you that frequent my blog (all 5 of you, HI MOM!) and hope you have a great Thursday.

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Creative Therapy: Gold Leaf Necklace

One of my most favorite things ever is when I find inspiration from other people’s creativity.

With the days kind of blending together as I patiently await interview phone calls (those are totally coming, right?! hahahaha) I have been trying to keep my mind occupied with creative projects.

Luckily for me the other day my sister in law, aka sister in lawn, showed me a project her and her friend Megan created for sister in lawn and brother bear’s new apartment in NYC.

Inspired by the awesome living room wall hanging below, the girls set off to create a replica using fake leaves and some gold spray paint.

(Original piece from Elle Decor)

(Sister in lawn’s piece, handmade!)

How incredible is that?!?! So awesome!

I loved it so much that I  was contemplating just straight up stealing her idea and making one for our apartment, but alas, I chose to do something different with the same gold leaves, and I made a necklace!

This one was REALLY easy, and I think it came out pretttty neat.

Here is what you will need:

Fake leaves (any shape/style you’d like!)
Gold acrylic or fabric paint
Gold Chain
Necklace Clasp
Bling Embellishment Strips (Like these from Michaels. I used the square crystal ones.)
Exacto Knife

Alright SO! Let’s start.

First, I cut different sized leafs off of the vine they came on. Leave a little bit of “branch” on it when you cut as it will make painting easier leaving  you something to hold on to. I wanted my necklace to have the largest leaf in the middle and then gradually move into smaller leaves to create a grecian crown type look, so I cut one large leaf, and four smaller ones of various sizes.

Next, paint your first coat of gold onto the leaf. I used a blow dryer in between coats to speed up the drying process. In total, I put on three coats of paint just to give it that REALLY gold look.

Repeat this step on all of your leaves.

Next, I used my pliers to remove some of the circular hoops from the fake gold chain I bought. I then made a tiny slit with my exacto knife onto the top center (or as close to the center as possible) area of the leaf. After that, I put the gold hoop through and repeated this step with all of my leaves.

Take your gold chain, and measure how long you want it around your neck. Make note of that length, remove any excess chain and then lay it on your table with it folded in half. This will allow you to see where the center of your chain necklace lays.

Attach the first leaf to the center of the chain. I had to use a wrench from my tool kit to firmly close the hoop for a strong attachment but thats because my jewelry pliers are miniature. Just a suggestion if you need to, the wrench worked magically.

Once I put all of my leaves on, I decided to add a little bling from another project I was making, and add some sparkle to each leaf.

You can leave these off if blinged out gold leaf necklaces just aren’t your thing!

Lastly, attach your clasp to the ends of your necklace, and you are done!

One thing I thought about after I finished was that in the future I would like to use small grommets on the leaves to attach the hoops. This will make it more durable, and less like to rip.

And that’s it! Another day, another craft project on the books.

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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Baking Therapy Turned Creative Therapy

I’ve been gone for awhile. I have totally stopped doing anything but watching Long Island Medium and hanging out with my two cats (yes, we adopted a boy cat!) Perhaps I am in a funk over my dad, perhaps I am in a funk in general, but the funk has kept me from doing much of anything but lounging around and feeling sorry for myself. We all do it, admit it.

I have, however, been doing crafts because my latest obsession is DIY fashion.

Yes, for the moment I have moved away from baking and into the fashion arena. While it may not be baking therapy, it is a creative outlet and I have been very much enjoying it.

I’ve been stalking the blogs Wobisobi, and Glitter N’ Glue.

They both have really awesome projects that are pretty easy to do at home. Some of the projects are more detailed than others, but for the most part all of the projects are easy and super fun to make!

The t-shirt above is from Wobisobi. I went to Goodwill and bought a shirt for $2. Bought some fabric paint at my local art store (about $3 a bottle) and used scotch tape I have at home.

Boom. Bam. T-shirt time. One love.

Im out.


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