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The Cupcake Request Line…Call Now! Errr Post Now!

Today I posted about my Pancake Cupcakes in honor of National Pancake Day and people on Facebook kinda went nuts. Swoon. I am really really excited about it and totally humbled that anyone cares enough about my little hobby to respond to any of my posts. You guys really know how to make a girl feel good!

Soon after, my awesomely supportive brother posted a link to my blog on his Facebook, a page that is filled with fans of his radio show Huff & Stapes. On it, a really cool dude by the name of Shawn asked if I took requests.

I’d thought of doing this before, but didn’t really have an audience to take requests from.

Well, now I’ve got Shawn and gosh darnit, inspiration has arrived!

So here’s what I’m going to do. Every week I am going to take a request from one of you guys, and bake a cupcake just for you. Heck, if I can figure out how to do it, I may even mail you one of the completed cupcakes (don’t hold me to that, but I will DEFINITELY look into it!) Update: I’m totally going to figure out a way to ship you cupcakes, so you can hold me to it.

I like being creative with my baking, so make it something fun.

For example, I know my brother loves tequila, so I plan to make him a margarita cupcake with tequila in it.

Update: Wow! We are booking up quickly 🙂 Here is the cupcake calendar…put your requests in soon!

You can suggest the entire cupcake, or just give me some inspiration of a food/drink that you like that you want adapted into a cupcake.

Leave your request in the comments below.

Once everything is said and baked, I will create a blog post dedicated to you and your cupcake choice!

Let’s get this thing started!



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Happy National Pancake Day….Let’s Make Cupcakes!

One little thing you may or may not know about me is that I work in radio. I run another website for our top 40 station, 97.1 AMP Radio, and our sister station 93.1 JACK FM is run by a really creative guy named Jordy.

Jordy has the quirky sense of humor that is perfect for a station like JACK FM and he always manages to come up with something really clever. Today is the pancake cam that is happening LIVE all day at

Yes, you read that right, he is live streaming everyone in the building making pancakes in celebration of National Pancake day.

So, to help support and have a little fun, I decided to make pancake cupcakes.

I had no idea whether this would really work or not, but boy oh boy did they ever.

Normally I would post a recipe of some sort, but these turned out so well that my brother and sister in law literally paid me $45 to drive 4 of them over to their apartment at 10 pm last night leading me to gain further confidence that I am in fact on to something and perhaps one day I will write a cookbook with this recipe in it.

In the mean time, enjoy the picture above, and yes that is a mini pancake and some bacon on that there cupcake.

Also, if you haven’t heard yet, I joined twitter! Follow along if you’d like @baketherapy4me.

Thanks for stopping in, and Happy National Pancake Day!


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A Cupcake For The Oscar Losers

Listen, I know it’s cool to talk badly about award shows and everything that happens at them, but what can I say? I appreciate the hard work and appreciate it for what it is…easy entertainment for a Sunday night.

So, what better way to celebrate such a huge night than to bake cupcakes for the nominees who don’t win. A cupcake to drown their sorrows in. You know, a cupcake made with whiskey.

Tonight I made an Irish Coffee cupcake.

It’s a coffee/whiskey infused white cake (duncan hines of course) with a brown sugar/baileys/whiskey butter cream.

All I did for this one was sub 1/3 cup of milk in the batter with 1/3 cup combo of crown royale whiskey and a shot of espresso.

The buttercream is this basic recipe, but with an additional 1/3 cup of brown sugar and instead of whipping cream I used baileys and whiskey.

As always, I kept tasting the frosting until I could REALLY taste the whiskey and baileys, so have fun with it and don’t be afraid to have a heavy pour with the booze. Remember, if your frosting get’s too thick you can always add more sugar!

I said I wasn’t going to do it, but yes, I ended up drinking the leftover baileys and whiskey (I bought small nips of it, not full bottles, don’t worry.)

BTW, these are a major, major win in the cupcake department.

Like, not normal amazing win.

Good talk.

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Kings Cake “Cupcakes” AKA Cinnamon Bun Bomb Dot Com Cakes

Mardi Gras. Oh how I love thee. Not because I pretended it was mardi gras when I went to cancun in high school but really because I love the tradition of Kings Cake.

Now, I will admit that I never really KNEW what Kings Cake was until a co-worker named Leah Dukes introduced me a couple years back.

You see, when we worked together in the promotions department at the radio station we celebrated Mardi Gras by bringing in food.

Our boss made the bomb ass jambalaya and rice, and we brought in other stuff to celebrate and cover in hot sauce.

She brought in a kings cake and I fell in love.

I also cheated my way into finding the baby hidden in the cake because I am incredibly competitive and I hate losing at anything.

This year I decided to try and make kings cake cupcakes.

I used this recipe, but instead of just putting the glaze on the cakes, I decided to put glaze AND a cinnamon/brown sugar buttercream.  I used this recipe to make the frosting.

Then I attempted to do a swirl of three different colors (instructions here) but kind of failed miserably. But thats ok. I will keep trying.

Also, I’ve decided to add a fun little part of this blog where I tell you what I listened to while baking.

Today it was Robyn. In fact, a lot of the time it’s Robyn. I LOVE HER.

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Sometimes You Just Gotta Bake

I’ve been doing alright in the “try not to cry and be devastated from your dad dying everyday” department for the past month.

Honestly, I have been OK. Work has been busy, life has been busy and I haven’t had much time to think about how sad I am, much less cry about it.

But then it all slowed down again and I’m left with just me and my thoughts. I have learned that me and my thoughts alone are bad for each other, so I decided to bake.

Yes, this habit may not be the best one to have considering diabetes (along with cancer!) runs in the fam but DAMN are these cup cakes pretty.

And tasty.

So sometimes, you just gotta bake.

Tonight I made some deeeeeeeeeeelish strawberry champagne cupcakes. I did my usual and just used a box of duncan hines white cake, used a cup of champagne instead of milk and added some strawberry/champagne puree to both the batter and the frosting.

BOOM. Cupcakes.

Oh and I also drank the rest of the champagne straight from the bottle.


Good talk. Bye now.

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